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History Country Life Vegan Restaurant (Keene, NH)

Country Life in Keene, NH opened in 1987. It was operated by a non-profit corporation until 2014 when it was acquired by Peggy and Peter Schauffler who currently operate it, with the help of many volunteers and supporters.

The Country Life is one of a series of restaurants of that name which were never connected in any financial or legal manner.

The first Country Life Restaurant opened in 1966 in Michigan. It was inspired by the writings (a century earlier) of Ellen Gould White. She envisioned the relation of plant-based nutrition to health. She called for the establishment of restaurants in cities, where everyone could experience healthy and healing food and learn about it. It took a century for her restaurants to be become an reality.

During the remaining years of the 20th century, approximately 21 Country Life’s opened — 12 in the U.S and 9 in other countries. During more recent years, we have discovered scientifically what White and her associates had discovered spiritually.

Now there are many ways to get the information about what good nutrition really means, and how to obtain it. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why only 2 Country Life’s remain in the U.S. — and 5 elsewhere. But the Schaufflers still believe Keene needs Country Life. They and their many friends and supporters are dedicated to continue loving their neighbors in this special way.

— Written by Dick Cornelius (11/26/2015)



  • Straight Arrows Farm is a small family farm blessed to be located in the peaceful village of Antrim, New Hampshire. Country Life gets their microgreens from their farm.

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Martin Raj, Medical Missionary and Instructor for Country Life and the Seventh Day Adventist Church

As a medical missionary, Martin Raj goes to different places to educate people in Healthful Living and provide Lifestyle Counselling. Currently he provides health lectures, cooking classes, natural remedy demos, and hydrotherapy training at Education Centers and Churches.  Click here to learn more.